Cellphone History

The article’s today we will take a look at cell phone history. I’ve had a few phones over the years, they all have a story to them and so let’s take a look at them.

So first off this is the motorola pocket classic 9-10 now this wasn’t actually my cell phone but it was my dad’s cell phone that was kind of the first cell phone in our house and you know I made some calls on this thing. It was a good phone it’s pretty big but it and then the first phone that was mine was this one this nokia Fido pay-as-you-go phone. I got this when I was in the tenth grade I think it was a hand-me-down from my sister and yeah you know how to go to the convenience store to buy some minutes and you get little receipts that you’d activates the minutes on your phone and I don’t think I phoned a lot of people just because it was such a hassle. But yeah you know it had the snake game on it which was cool the game where you’re a snake that gets bigger and you go around and eat things that was probably the best feature of this phone not so much actually calling people and then actually then there’s this one audiovox and actually I had one prior to this and it was a little smaller it didn’t have the camera and it was a little more rounded shape but I lost that one one day after school you know maybe 11th or 12th grade left at a bus stop it was gone but this was the 1i replaced it with and yeah you know first phone that had a camera in it pretty cool.


I used to i went to the Oasis concert and I had a this is really low res picture of the Oasis concert is the background on it. Oh man unreal but yeah that wasn’t too bad and then i upgraded to this cool phone LG chocolate. Oh man the white chocolate to cool and just love that sound yeah i know this was great and I had this when I was in college living in residence. And you know this phone had some night so it took a beating i remember i had to get it fixed at one point had to send it away because of the cable that connects these two come phone and said broke but you know what I eventually got the phone back and used to little while longer or not you can see it but for whatever reason i have a Superman logo engraved onto they’re not even a huge Superman fan but it’s there. It’s there and then I think I had this phone very briefly this was my girlfriend’s old phone and I needed a replacement for a bit this is an LG just a thin little phone i quite like this you know I i use this for a very short time but i love the size you know you put that in your pocket you barely notice it. it’s tiny it’s perfect so yeah and then I got an iphone 3gs and all man upgraded to an iphone you can do all sorts of things I remember with this phone i figured out how to change audio file or like my mp3’s on my computer into the files that you could put in your phone and they would be your phone would read them as ringtones

So I was making my own custom ringtones from parts of my favorite songs that was cool except i used to grow sick of some of my favorite songs because they’re waking me up in the morning but yeah and then i upgraded to the samsung s3 mini galaxy thing and I got this over two years ago and when I got it it was like kind of bottom of the line cellphone .And now i’m really behind on things with this phone a lot of people have much more advanced cell phones but hey you know you can do apps and things one day all upgraded when this finally explodes it’s getting there and it’s got a lot of cracks and and chips broken off of it but you know it’s still working

So yeah that’s my cell phone history probably wondering why I hang on to all these I don’t know it’s cool lot of people would get rid of them sometimes i like to use them as props for videos in fact you can check out some videos where some of these phones are featured.

Ok these three phones appear in one of my videos have clickable things here i highly recommend the one for this film though anyways thanks for checking out my cell phone collection of a good one it.