Ductwork Maintenance is Important to Your Building’s HVAC System Health

Air conditioning and heating units may be considered the heart of your HVAC system, but just as important is your building’s circulatory system, the ductwork. These closed passageways in your Sarasota, FL, home or business circulate heated and cooled air throughout your building. Like mechanical components, ductwork needs periodic maintenance to maintain the integrity of […]

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History of National Public Radio (NPR)

The seeds of National Public Radio (NPR) were planted with the passage of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. This established the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Furthermore, it helped provide a financial and distribution infrastructure to non-profit broadcasters across the country. Three years later, NPR was founded as a production and distribution center for news, […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Buy an iPhone 5

Smartphone fans around the world began scrutinizing the iPhone 5’s features as soon as Apple announced the newest model. Apple fans were not let down because the iPhone 5 lives up to the company’s standard of impressing its customers with each new product. Upon first glance, you may think that the iPhone looks just like […]

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types of green cars
Types of Green Cars

While every type of kind of green car is better for the environment than traditional vehicles, the differences between the types of green cars can make a significant difference in both the car’s environmental-friendliness and its performance. Hybrid Electric Vehicles Hybrid vehicles use two power sources, which leads to their name. A small, traditional internal […]

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Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet Review

Are your kids too small to keep themselves entertained, but also too grown up to keep following ou around the house? Do you keep buying different toys, hoping they will capture their attention? Well, your search is over. One of the best entertainment devices out there is a tablet. However, choosing one isn’t easy. And […]

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garmin zumo 590lm review and guide
Garmin Zumo 590LM Review And Guide

Finding the proper and the perfect portable navigation system for your motorcycle can be a difficult conclusion to make, especially when the marketplace is so tough and the GPS devices are a little bit expensive to purchase. Always think of, the GPS device you choose must be resistant to the unsure weather changes, and it […]

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is intel about to be dethroned
Is Intel About to be Dethroned?

Over the past decade and a half, the well-known tech giant, Intel, had held indubitable monopoly over the CPU market, while its only real competitor – AMD – was left powering low-end desktop PCs and, occasionally, mid-range gaming rigs. The last time AMD tried to compete with Intel was in 2011, with the release of […]

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When the radio was considered furniture

My name is Bill Moll. “William G” is what my mother called me, William Gene. Born in 1937, which was kind of an unsettled time in the world. I’ve often wondered what my parents were thinking as they brought two young boys into the world right at the beginning of World War II, coming out […]

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